#-*- coding: utf-8 -*- NvERTx Embryo-Regen plotter

Blast your favorite sequence against the latest NvERTx transcriptome

Your query (protein or RNA FASTA sequence) will be blasted against the latest version of the NvERTx transcriptome that was obtained by combining novel and existing RNAseq datasets from embryonic, larval and post-metamorphic development (Helm et al, 2013, Tulin et al, 2013, Warner et al, 2017 (b)) as well as oral regeneration after sub-pharyngeal bisection Warner et al, 2017 (a)). The results page will display the best Nematostella vectensis sequence hit with its annotation as well as its embryonic and/or regeneration expression profiles.

References for regeneration and novel embryonic datasets: Warner et al(a), 2017, Warner et al(b), 2017. Re-analyzed embryonic datasets: Helm et al. 2013, Tulin et al. 2013





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